10 Step Guide To Create Your Own Anaesthesia Today

Recently, in the UK, there was a magnificent television treat called “Hypnosurgery” and it showed a man undergoing hypnosurgy. That is, he underwent a hernia operation without any kind of anesthesia other than hypnosis.

Sure, it’s a sensation because he’s on television, however, these have been doing it for years. There are many filmed studies and a great deal of research that has been done using hypnosis alone while performing surgery.

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Many ways to relieve pain have been used over the years and I have experienced many myself and have found that hypnosis accompanied by a variety of mental skills and tools is by far the best way to overcome and modify my response. .

Can you remember a time when a piece of paper was cut and you didn’t realize you had it until that day when you saw it with your own eyes? It wasn’t until he saw it that he hurt her and thought “oooh, he’s smart enough”. This is natural anesthesia, the ability that exists within us all.

One of the most basic methods of using the mind to create anesthesia is called the gloved anesthesia method and today I want to share it with you to use it as and when you want.

Important point here: You should only use this pain management technique when you know the cause of any pain. Also see a doctor if the condition persists. Otherwise, use this technique to have fun and to remind yourself how awesome you and your brain are.

Step One: Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes. Relax, focus on your breathing, let it be steady, deep and slow. Imagine relaxing all the muscles in your body one by one and really taking the time to establish a pleasant relaxed physical state.

Use your imagination to imagine a favorite place, a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Imagine being able to hear the sounds of that place, see the views, feel the sensations you would experience in that place. Use your conscious mental awareness and focus on each of the muscles in your body and think of the word “soften” in each of your muscles. Imagine them melting, softening and allowing your mind to be at peace.

Take a few minutes to do it; pamper yourself.

Step Two: Develop a strong sense of purpose right now. Using your inner dialogue, remind and repeat to yourself that you have the power and the ability to control any sensation in your body and mind. Because you really do. Tell yourself that you agree to be in control of your mind. Focus and imagine the unlimited power of your mind, tell yourself that you can send numb sensations to any part of your body. Develop a sense of faith in yourself and the power of your mind. Really rejoice and empower yourself.

Imagine that these words of personal power and belief you say to yourself are reaching the depths of your mind. Imagine that they have been accepted on all levels of your body and mind.

At this point, also tell yourself that the word “anesthesia” is the key word that later triggers a conditioned response.

Step Three: Now let’s start invoking the glove anesthesia. Start by focusing on your dominant hand, really focus on it while excluding everything else. Notice the smallest of sensations within him. Begin to imagine that, using your attention, your dominant hand is free from all feeling. This takes time and concentration.

Maybe you can use your imagination to imagine that your hand is covered in ice. Really imagine those feelings.

Separate your hand, in your mind, from the rest of your physical body. Consider it detached from your physical self. Keep focusing your attention on the hand and let it lose all feeling.

Using your inner dialogue again, tell yourself that your hand is going numb. No sensation. Inside your mind, instruct your hand to go to sleep. Tell him to go to sleep. Be aware of all the unusual sensations you are holding as you focus on it and keep all your focus and concentration on it.

Tell yourself that every breath you take seems to turn your hand into number and number, until you can feel your hand. You just can’t feel your hand because it’s numb. No feeling. Numb. Tell yourself with authority and faith.

Step Five: You will now transfer this lack of sensitivity to the part of your body where you want to feel numb and receive anesthesia. Then, when you are sure that you have created the correct level of numbness in your hand, you will lift your hand and place it on the part of your body that you want to feel numb.

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